Creamy Caramel


If you want to earn brownie points with the Candy Critic, include little details with your treat. The right addition to the packaging can melt a Candy Critic’s heart and bring him back to his youth. This bar managed to fill my heart with nostalgia before I even sank my teeth into it. While unwrapping it, I noticed that it was in a little cardboard tray. Sure, it's not great for the environment, but it keeps the caramel where it should be, and makes me remember fond days of candy in my past (note for all you young kids out there, all chocolate bars used to come on little cardboard trays, ask your parents) Nice attention to detail, Hershey.

If you love soft flowing caramel in chocolate, this bar is it. The chocolate is OK; I've had better but I'm not really complaining. If I go off on the "why certain countries have better chocolate" rant again, I think I might lose some readers. For a North American bar this is pretty good, although the caramel is a little bit too gooey for my liking. The flavour of the caramel is good though - light and smooth. It works well with the chocolate. A good balance is important with a simple bar like this, and I’d say it was achieved.

I guess the only thing this bar is really missing is high creativity, but that's not a bad thing in this case because it probably wouldn't have worked anyway.