Hershey "Creamy Milk Chocolate"


If simplicity is the answer to all life's problems than the Hershey bar will cure anything. This is one of the simplest chocolate bars I've ever eaten in my life, that's exactly why it's so great. Hershey’s is a company that gained fame with the simple chocolate bar, and it's great to see that no matter what else they come out with, the simple chocolate bar is still here and always will be.

Many Americans consider the Hershey bar to be the symbol of their nationality in candy form. In many ways this is a great symbol to have. It represents simplicity, nothing too flashy. The more I think about it though, the more I think it might not be a great representation of the United States. Where do cities like Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles fit into the Hershey Bar motif. I think if you’re going to describe the Hershey Bar as the symbol of the USA you’re only representing a certain percentage of the country. Maybe the Midwest might be a Hershey part of that country, but many parts are left out.

While I’m not sure about how this bar represents its country of origin, I think it’s important to keep a classic alive. Pick up one of these things and enjoy chocolate for what it is.