Hello Panda "Cocoa Biscuits with Milk Flavoured Filling"


I really wanted to love this cookie; I really did. There were just too many little things wrong with this cookie, and while I didn't hate it, I was very disappointed. Sometimes, as is in this case, being disappointed is worse than hating it.

The lie that stares back at me right now is the words "fun filled biscuit treats". There is nothing that fun about these biscuits, in particular there's nothing fun about the shape of these treats. You would think with a "panda" theme you could go in so many directions to make these really fun. The problem is that the attempt here was so lazy. The cookies come in two shapes, kind of round, and kind of round with ears. That means that some cookies are a vague attempt at being shaped like bears, while others make no attempt at all. Why wouldn't you just make them all shaped like bears, how hard could that be. The next problem is the fact that there are little cartoons of bears printed on each cookie. Normally this would be a plus, but these cookies were kind of dark, so you couldn't really see the cartoon that well, and it also didn't work because it was a picture of a bear on something the shape of a bear, but the two didn't match.

After getting through the trauma of the shape and look of these cookies, there's the taste, or lack of taste. I couldn't really taste the chocolate from the cookies or the creaminess of the milk. They just tasted like sweet cookies, no sugar, butter, or cocoa. It was a bland sweet with nothing of note at all. I know that milk is a subtle flavour, but I'm not even convinced they put any flavour in this at all.

This was disappointing, with the texture being the only part of this cookie that was pretty good. Not that texture isn't important, but it's not enough to support the other flaws of this cookie treat.