Hello Panda "Biscuits with Chocolate Flavoured Filling"


It's really nice when a candy company gets a simple snack idea right. What you have here is simple, it’s cookies filled with chocolate. While the concept is simple, there are many ways in which you could get this very wrong. The cookies or the chocolate could have too strong or weak a flavour, they could be made of cheap ingredients, or they could get the ratios of ingredients off (too much chocolate or cookie). These Hello Panda Biscuits did none of the above. The ratio of the cookies and the chocolate was just right, and the flavour of both of these elements was nice as well.

The cookie had a slight buttery flavour and a really nice crunch. The chocolate was smooth, but also had a nice milk chocolate flavour. Both of them worked well together, and each bite was a nice balance of the two elements. Sure, these cookies could have been fancier, but they really don’t have to be.

My only complaint (and if you read any of the other Hello Panda reviews) is the shape of the cookies. Some of them are roughly in the shape of bears, while others are just round globs. Each cookie has a cute little picture printed on it, but it doesn't relate at all to the shape of the cookie. It seems the two design elements for the look of these cookies was done separately (printing the image on cookies and making cookie shapes) and they seem to have been mixed together with no rhyme or reason.

While the odd shape is something I don't like, it certainly didn't ruin the flavour or texture of this treat at all. If you're in the mood to just munch on cookies without caring about how they look like then these would be a fine choice.