Hammond's Pigs N' Taters

Hammond's Candies

I'm not sure if this is a gimmick bar or an idea someone had to create a chocolate bar that people might actually enjoy eating. The concept is sound, chocolate and bacon work well together, as does chocolate and potato chips. Bacon and potatoes in chip form or not also work very well together. While the idea seems a little strange, if you think about it, this bar has the potential to work very well. The only issue is, did the person making this bar think about the flavours, and how they might work together. Or did they just randomly throw these ingredients together and put a wrapper on it and hope that people would buy it for the novelty alone.

Upon tasting this bar I'm leading to believe that it's a novelty more than anything serious. I say this because the balance of ingredients is fairly flawed. You can't just throw bacon and potato chips into milk chocolate and hope it works. Each of these ingredients has fairly complicated flavour profiles, and the ratio has to be just right. This bar is lacking any kind of balance.

The bacon flavour is more of a smoky flavour than any kind of actual bacon flavour. You also can't taste any sweetness from the pork at all. The potato chips are completely tasteless, all they ad is a bit of crunch, a bit of salty potato would have been really great. The chocolate is fine, but horribly over powered by the smoky flavour of the bacon. To fix this bar you need more pork and less smoke, more chips to ad both crunch and flavour, and maybe a little less chocolate.

This is a concept that could work very well. These three ingredients are naturally well suited for each other. It just needs a little more work on the recipe.