Nigi Nigi Sushi Shop


As a novelty, this candy is pretty fun. You get a long strip of plastic with little gummy sushi pieces vacuum-sealed onto this strip. There are eight white gummy pieces that kind of look like balls of rice. Then there are eight coloured (yellow and red) gummies that are in the shapes of what I can only describe as fish. Some of these coloured gummies are a little harder to figure out than others. For example, the shrimp gummy is very obvious, but there are a couple of squares that could be anything, and I'm assuming that the one that looks like a cow’s udder is supposed to be octopus.

After unwrapping these gummies and pulling them apart, you’re supposed to take the little white rice like gummies and put the various fish like gummies on top. Now you're a gummy sushi chef super star, ready for your big break on the Food Network. I have to admit that every aspect of making these gummies was pretty fun. Best of all it was rewarding, since the little gummy sushi looked pretty cool when finished, and took very little work to get them there.

The disappointing part of this treat is the taste, or complete lack there of. You really couldn't distinguish any gummy from the other, and the flavour you did get was very weak. I like my gummy to have a little kick to it, and these failed miserably at this. The texture was OK, and I imagine that they stay soft for a long time since they're all vacuum-sealed onto a plastic strip.

This candy is a lot of fun to make, kind of fun to look at, but not really that fun to eat.