Snow Cones

Candy Land

Snow cones seem like the perfect choice to make in gummy form. The shape is fairly recognizable, and still fairly simple. The flavours can really be just about any fruit flavour you'd want, although you'd probably want to go with fake flavours instead of realistic fruit flavours because you rarely get a real fruit juice snow cone. Marketing is simple; this package for example has a cute little penguin on it. Everybody loves penguins, and everybody loves a snow cone on a warm summer's day. So, you'd think making a good gummy snow cone would be really hard to mess up. Well the folks at Candy Land managed to mess these up pretty well.

The first problem with these "snow cones" is that they don't really look like snow cones. At the very least they don't look like a snow cone I'd want to eat. The top white portion of the snow cone should be in the shape of a ball of snow, but in the case of these Snow Cone gummies it's flat. Also, in the case of snow cones, isn't the snow part supposed to be colourful? If I'm handed a white topped snow cone, I'm expecting one thing, no flavour. Unfortunately, in the case of these snow cones, that's not what I got.

The flavour was the worst part of these gummy treats. Simple fake fruit flavours would have worked wonders, and brought me back to my childhood summer days. Instead the flavours of these snow cones seemed to resemble cheap perfume rather than fake cherries or limes. I couldn't for the life of me tell you exactly what flavour each colour was supposed to represent, but it sure wasn't fruit.

The only good thing about these gummies is the fact that each colour had a distinct flavour. The problem was each flavour was disgusting. I sure hope someone else tries to make gummy snow cones because I think it could work. I just think you have to try a lot harder than these guys did.