Jellies Mirch Masala


Awful. To call these gummies awful might be an insult to all the other candies that I've called awful on Candy Critic in the past. These are easily the most disgusting flavoured gummies I've ever eaten in my entire life. They may even be the worst candies I've ever had in my life (and I've tried just about every flavour of Jelly Bellies made in the last 20 years). The flavour of these were so bad that I'm having a hard time remembering the texture and shape. It's hard for me to review these on anything except for the fact that they just tasted so bad.

To describe the flavour is difficult. I would say it's a cross between bitter, burning, and as my nephew who tried them with me described them as tasting like bug spray. The bitter is the strongest of all the flavours, then the bug spray, and finally the hot. The hot might be a little stronger than I remember, but the bitter actually numbed my mouth a bit. My mouth was so overpowered with bitter numbness and hot that I couldn't make out anything else, except the bug spray.

I seem to remember them being fairly chewy, but not too bad. The shapes were probably the best thing about them. There were red peppers and green tamarinds. There are two possibilities that come with this candy. One is that this is some kind of joke, an extreme candy designed to challenge kids into eating really horrible things. That, or it's a cultural thing, some flavour that's so far out of my palette but somewhere there's a group of kids loving these. I'm guessing it's a joke.