Gummi Bear-Rings


If you were a jewellery maker and you wanted to make gummy bear rings, you would probably want your jewellery to make sense. However, candy companies trying to make edible jewellery, more often than not fail at making logical jewellery. They fail because of one simple principle; the human body constantly gives off heat and moisture to keep your skin flexible and your body cool. Sugar is a solid, unless it comes in contact with either heat or water. That basically means that if you put candy (made of sugar) near your skin, it will melt. The results of the melting are often a sticky liquid all over the parts of your skin that have come in contact with the candy jewellery. This is why candy jewellery doesn’t work.

There are ways of dealing with the candy to make it less likely to dissolve near your skin, but that lowers the quality of the candy, since you want it to melt in your mouth. The other problem with jewellery made of candy, it's sized for children, so when a grown man puts on a gummy bear themed ring made completely of gummy, it breaks. From my own perspective, as an idea alone this candy has pretty much failed.

If I was to ignore the jewellery aspect of the candy, it's OK. It's a little strange seeing gummy bears with giant rings attached to them, but it's pretty neat that they have 4 different poses for the gummy bears. I think it would be neat to just get rid of the ring part and offer gummy bears in multiple different poses instead. As a candy I enjoyed that gummy bear rings had a tiny sour kick to them. While I like regular gummies, a slight sour kick is a nice change. I also liked that each colour of gummy had a different flavour. Even though I couldn't tell exactly what the flavours were supposed to be.

I would say that as a concept these gummies are a failure, but as inspiration for future gummy ideas, there are certainly things to take away from these.