Gubbaara "Indori Lahsun Sev"


This snack represents two milestones for me as a food critic, and it's entirely to do with how spicy hot they are. The first milestone comes from the fact that these taste pretty good, yet they're very spicy. Normally when something is very spicy, I can't really make out the flavour because my mouth is burning too much. These on the other hand taste great, but also burn my mouth off. It could be that I'm developing a tolerance for hot food, or it could be that these are so packed with flavour it actually competes with the spiciness.

The second milestone with these is that I kind of like the flavour, so I want to eat more. It's sort of related, but in general I'm actually interested in eating a food that burns my taste buds away. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very afraid of these at the same time. I find myself sniffing the bag, enjoying the aroma, but too afraid to actually take a bite. So far, I've eaten two of them, and that was yesterday, so I'm going to try another handful.

Instantly I'm filled with a beautifully balanced spiced flavour. It's what you would want from any fine dinning meal, everything is just in harmony. The bits themselves could be a little crunchier; they're kind of like stale cheezies texture wise. The texture aside, the flavour balance is just so perfect. Then, in the back of my mouth the heat starts to creep in. Within a few seconds my mouth is full of burning, and the beautiful flavour balance is a mere memory.

If you love hot foods, I can't recommend these enough, if you're a bit of a hot food wimp (like me), then these will be too much for you. If they made a cooled down version of these, I would buy a giant bag and munch the entire thing.