Green and Black's Organic "Maya Gold"

Green and Black's

The description of this bar is really misleading. It says "Dark Chocolate with orange and spices". Now dark chocolate I can agree on, and tasty dark chocolate to boot. Green and Black's is one of the chocolate companies that I feel right now is really doing chocolate correctly. Every time, including this time, that I've ever eaten one of their chocolate products the quality of the chocolate is fantastic. Good texture, smooth when it should be, bitter when it should be. All around Green and Black’s chocolate has been great.

The problem I have with this bar comes from the other part of the description. First of all, I did not taste any orange at all. The reason I didn't taste any orange? Well it was the "spices". The spice flavour of this bar totally overpowered just about every flavour including the dark chocolate. Worst of all the spices didn't taste exotic or complex at all, it basically just tasted like pepper.

Now I've heard of some people adding black pepper to chocolate in order to give it a better flavour. Black pepper in moderation can improve a dark chocolate and create a really nice flavour combination. The amount you add is very important. You want enough to affect the chocolate flavour, but not so much that it actually tastes like pepper. This bar tastes like pepper. The pepper flavour was so overpowering that the chocolate and orange flavour was gone.

It's a creative attempt to make something tasty and unique, but the proportions just don't work for me at all.