Goodness Knows


I have a bit of a beef with healthy candy. I find it fits into one of two categories, not actually healthy or not actually candy. I'm not a nutritionist, but I would probably say this bar leans towards not really being that healthy, although it would be hard to classify this as candy as well. It's like a piece of nut brittle mixed with a really mixed up granola bar. While that mix might actually work if done properly, it doesn't it doesn't work in this case.

The biggest problem I had with this bar taste wise was the fruit bits. Soft chewy random bits of fruit are just gross to me. I don't mind dried fruit in treats, but only if the fruit is easily identifiable. These we're just random squares of strange sweet chewiness. Then there was the sweet coating that covered the nuts and dried fruit. It was very sweet and it both ruined the balance of the nuts and chocolate, and made me doubt any nutritional value of this bar.

The chocolate was probably the highlight of this bar, and other than the nuts, the least sweet part. I think these guys should try designing a bar that isn't sweet, but savoury instead. Use the wonderful bitterness of the chocolate with the nuts and make something a little different. Right now this bar is just a mess of weird textures and flavour, and it's actually too sweet.