Original Peanut Chews


I have to say something about this treat before I write the review that I thought was pretty neat. I'll point out that I did not learn this fact until after I had already tasted it so therefor it did not affect my opinion of how this treat tasted, it did however make me say "hey, that's pretty neat". Apparently in WWII this bar was sent to the troops as war rations. I know that today many candy companies make war ration treats for troops over seas, but few to none sell those exact treats to the public.

The reason I mention this is that I've heard that many candy companies change the recipes for the treats going overseas as war rations so it can take the heat (in most cases) or the cold. I guess since WWII was in Europe and the temperature wasn't too harsh, they could manage a pretty tasty and slightly more fragile treat to send to the troops. I say this because I really enjoyed my Peanut Chews.

The chocolate on the outside was OK, not fantastic. The chewy stuff was just nice, I'm not sure what to define this stuff as because it doesn’t really feel like caramel (even the dense variety) it kind of has it's own texture and flavour. The great thing about the chew flavour is it goes really well with the peanuts. The peanuts in the bar seemed nice and fresh, crunchy, and just abundant enough to make a nice balance.

I guess if I had to find one fault it would be with the chocolate quality, but to be honest the chocolate was there more to keep my fingers from getting sticky from the chew center than for taste.