Golden Gaytime


Right off the bat I’m going to clear the air and suggest that the name of this ice cream treat comes from a different time. We can all stop snickering and agree that “gaytime” means something like happy moment. So, this is an ice cream that’s supposed to deliver a happy moment, but what about the golden? The golden I’m assuming comes from the toffee flavoured (and coloured) ice cream. It could also come from the slightly light coloured chocolate and the biscuit (what some might call cookie) bits on the outside.

In general, I’d say that this ice cream treat did deliver what it promised, I’m happy to have eaten it, and it did taste of toffee. There were a few things about it though that could have made this ice cream even better (or gayer if you choose). The “compound chocolate” coating is a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve never heard of a compound chocolate before and I’m not sure how it’s different than other chocolates. If I’m to go by what I’ve experienced with the Golden Gaytime I’d describe it as very mild in flavour and medium solid. It’s not as solid as most ice cream dips, but it’s not liquid either. Flavour wise this compound chocolate is just covered up by the toffee ice cream, so it’s really more of a glue for the cookie bits than anything else.

Speaking of the cookie bits, they’re okay, but the flavour could be a little stronger. Like the compound chocolate the flavour of the cookies is completely covered up by the toffee ice cream. The cookies on my ice cream bar were also not very crunchy. That could have been due to poor storage of my particular bar, but maybe not.

In general, I liked this ice cream. I wouldn’t seek it out in the future, but it’s a fine choice if it’s available. The toffee flavour does dominate, however it’s a good flavour so I don’t feel robbed.