Dark Chocolate Ginger Fudge

Darrell Lea

I've never really understood the appeal of ginger flavoured treats. It's not that I dislike ginger, in fact it's one of my favourite cooking spices. I just don't really understand the appeal of ginger in candy. The only sweet treat where ginger seems to really work is ginger ale, although for some reason I don't actually associate the flavour of ginger ale with ginger. Having said all of that, it's a really popular flavour for sweet treats all over the world.

I'm sure you've guessed after reading the first paragraph how I feel about this bar. It's a fine bar for the most part. The dark chocolate is a little bitter, but still fairly smooth. The fudge is soft, chewy and melts in your mouth just perfectly. Really the only fault I can find with this bar is the ginger. It's not so strong that it burned my mouth, as ginger can sometimes do. But it certainly was strong enough to drown out most of the other flavours of this bar. I'm sure if you're a big ginger fan, you probably wouldn't have been as bothered by this as I was. Texture wise the bar was OK, even the pieces of candied ginger throughout the fudge blended really well.

I think the main fault of this bar is that the ginger flavour was just too much. Ginger fudge should taste more like a gingerbread cookie, spiced with ginger as opposed to doused in ginger. Ginger to me is a spice, that works with other spices, it just doesn't work as the star of the show.