Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares "Dark Chocolate with Raspberry"


I'm really happy with Ghirardelli's choice to use dark chocolate with Raspberry. Mostly because raspberries can be a really sweet fruit, sometimes. Sometimes raspberries I've eaten (and I have eaten my fair share) can also be a little sour. In the candy world most raspberry fillings are sweet, likely because the often over compensate the sour taste with extra sugar.

Ghirardelli did this with their filling as well, but that's ok. The reason I don’t mind missing the slight tart flavour you find in raspberries is because the slight bitter taste from the dark chocolate balanced out the extra sugar in the raspberry filling quite well. It seems like avoiding a tart raspberry filling helps balance this chocolate square out. I’m not sure if this was a choice done on purpose, but it did work out that way.

The quality of chocolate isn't bad either; I mean I've had better in my time, but for a fairly large manufacturer this chocolate melted fairly well. The bitterness of the chocolate was also what I hope for when I eat dark chocolate. The ratio of ingredients helped too, too much of the sweet center and it would have blasted away the nice subtle bitterness of the chocolate.