Garlic Savoury


I have to admit that this snack made me very nervous to eat, and here's why . This is a salty snack from the wonderful country of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has an amazing selection of salty snacks with small snack kiosks all over the place. The thing that almost all Sri Lankan snacks have in common is spicy heat. On my visit to Sri Lanka I tasted many salty treats, and almost all of them were a little too spicy for me to really enjoy. Normally I would avoid Sri Lankan snacks because of this, but this bag has some promise. This confidence comes from the drawings of garlic cloves found on the package, that and the word garlic written on it.

As luck would have it, they're not overly spicy at all, a first for a Sri Lankan salty snack I think. They are very garlicky, and there's a very slight heat at the end, but nothing I can't handle. The bag of garlic extrusions also came with several random dried leaves. I'm not sure if these added anything except an air of trepidation. The texture of the extrusions were the biggest highlight, they were very dense and crunchy. It took a bit of effort to bite through them, but not so much that my jaw hurt. It was a satisfying crunch.

Some might not like the very random sizes of these extrusions, but I really liked the variety. I probably could have done without the leaves, but they didn't seem to do me any harm.