The first thing I thought of when I saw this treat was, oh great another Twix type candy bar, but I couldn't not have been any more wrong. It resembles the Twix in only one very simple fashion, it's shaped like a couple of sticks. Any feature after that is totally different from the Twix bar and is totally tasty as well.

The biggest surprise to me, since I expected it to be like a Twix bar, when I bit into was the difference in texture. I was surprised because instead of a cookie like the Twix bar has, I got what I can only describe and as a crunchy nougat. The best example I can think that might be similar to this crunchy nougat would be astronaut ice cream. Then on top of this tasty and unique little crunch stick is a soft chocolate cream type toping, and then it’s covered in decent dark chocolate.

The crunchy nougat stick really was the best surprise and tastiest part of this bar. Having said that, the chocolate and the chocolate cream worked well in combination with it. My only real complaint is one I often have, that's the quality of the dark chocolate. I think unless you give me the highest quality possible, I'll always complain about these sorts of things. I'm pretty sure it’s more of a result of my chocolate snobyness than anything else. So as far as bars goes the chocolate is ok, but you can always do better. The unique nougat however is well worth giving this bar a try.