Excel "Peppermint"


I never really got the tag line for this treat "excel-erate your breath". Sure, I know it's supposed to be a pun, but how does one accelerate something that doesn't move. I don't know maybe I'm thinking this out a little too much; it's a slow day.

Excel is one of those gums that when it first came out, the whole gimmick was to have a super strong flavour that hurt a little. Well it achieves that, but I'm not sure why I would want that. I'm from the tame (or wimp) school of eating. I don't like hot foods because I don't like my food hurting me. Sure, it freshens my breath really fast, but at what cost. Have you ever tried drinking a cold glass of water anytime after eating a really cold minty anything? It's not fun.

I guess what I'm saying is I don't mind mint but I think it works so much better in subtle doses. It's a great flavour but much too often it's taken out of control. Sure, you could argue that the idea is to freshen your breath super fast, but what on earth are you eating that requires you to chew gum so minty that your mouth feels like it was just frozen by a dentist having a sneeze fit.

Chew Time : about 40 minutes