Thinks it's a chocolate bar? Well think again. There is no chocolate to be found in this bar at all. The Eatmore is a very simple candy bar. It’s a chewy goo that seems to be covering many pieces of peanut. Actually, to say that it’s covering is a little misleading. This chewy goo is actually holding the peanuts together. So what you actually have is an extruded bar of chewy goo that’s chock full of peanuts. You would think someone else would be making such a simple treat, but no it's nowhere to be found anywhere else.

The next question is simple, is it good? Well it's not bad, but it’s also not spectacular either. If you're a little sick of the run of the mill chocolate bar circuit and you need a change, this might be your bar. It's not as sweet as most bars and it seems to have a toastier flavor to it. This is one of those bars I've never craved in my life but if offered I'll probably eat it.

I find that many of my friends who like this bar don’t really have a sweet tooth. So while I’m in the middle with the Eatmore, it might be right for some of you that crave the salty over the sweet. It is truly something different, but are you different enough to eat it?