Doug Gilmour "Celebrity Candy Bar"

Morley Candy Maker

Say what you want about Doug Gilmore and the Toronto Maple Leafs but that man knows how to get my donation. I'm not just saying that selling candy for charity is an instant donation for me, if it was those kids at my local mall selling almonds in front of Walmart would be millionaires. The trick to get my charity donation through candy is to do something a little different, dress up the bar a bit, make it something I haven't eaten before. I want more than just a label glued on by the very same kids that are selling it to me.

When it comes to this bar it’s really great that the label isn't the only real difference; it also has a fairly unique centre as well. The description says that it's caramel and peanuts covered in milk chocolate. The description is a little inaccurate as it's more like peanut pieces with some kind of strange caramel covered in milk chocolate. The strange caramel can best be described as a soft Eatmore type bar.

I was a little disappointed by lack of full peanuts but the flavour of the nuts did shine through. I just think that maybe the texture could have used a little bit of crunch or something. The chocolate was also not super amazing or anything, but it did the job of keeping my fingers less sticky from the caramel. Now all I have to do is start-watching hockey and maybe I could get the full affect of this tasty treat.