Dairy Milk "S’Mores"


There are many different Dairy Milk varieties, but they’re all based on one particular bar, the Dairy Milk. The Dairy Milk bar is a classic milk chocolate bar that’s smooth, creamy, and pretty tasty. It makes sense then that most of the Dairy Milk varieties featuring different ingredients would be very milk chocolate forward. It’s only logical that you make your legendary chocolate bar the star each and every time. So this begs the question, is that what’s best each and every time?

I’ve used Dairy Milk several times to make s’mores. I find that the smooth milk chocolate melts very well next to the freshly roasted marshmallow. I would probably put Dairy Milk on my highest suggested chocolate for making s’mores, so it seems like it would be easy to make this bar work. There is however one flaw that this bar has, which happens to be related to the point I made in the first paragraph. This bar has way too much chocolate.

There is no doubt that this is a Dairy Milk bar, the chocolate is the main thing you taste at every moment when you’re eating this chocolate bar. The problem is that one of the great things about s’mores is the balance you get between the chocolate, gram cracker, and marshmallows. When I make s’mores milk chocolate is actually the ingredient I use most sparingly. I feel like a great s’more is a marshmallow sandwich, using gram crackers with just a hint of chocolate. With this bar I even had a few bites with no marshmallow at all. The gram cracker was fairly abundant, but other than a bit of a crunch, none of the flavour managed to get through.

While I feel like the ratio was off, the ingredients in this bar were very good. The marshmallow wasn’t too light and airy. Instead it was a wonderfully chewy bite. The gram cracker bits where also a great texture addition, nice and crunchy. If I was making this bar, I think I would have left the gram cracker whole, and used it as a base for this bar. I also would have filled each square with marshmallow, instead of random marshmallow pieces. I still feel like the chocolate would dominate, but not as much as it does with this bar.

The thing about this bar is that although it certainly didn’t scream s’mores, it was really tasty. The classic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate makes up a bit for the poor design.