Nestlé Crunch "with Peanuts"


I was talking to somebody about this bar and an interesting comment came up: "That's just wrong!" Generally, when those words come up after eating a chocolate bar, things are not going to go very well. At first, I couldn't figure out exactly what was so wrong about peanuts in a Nestlé Crunch Bar? The Nestlé Crunch bar is a classic, and while the chocolate is never great, there’s rarely anything wrong with it. I had to sit on it for a little while, and then I realized the issue. You see, the Nestlé Crunch bar is known for its texture (the rice crisps), in fact these rice crisps are the only redeeming things about this bar normally. With this peanut version, they’re basically adding more texture on a texture. In other words, I can’t decide if this is it still a Nestlé Crunch bar now that it has peanuts? This bar has so much potential to fail, it’s adding a competing texture to a bar that’s known for its texture.

The good news is that the peanuts don't overpower the crisps at all. In fact, there aren’t too many peanuts to be found in this bar. I'm not sure if I feel like I'm getting ripped off or if this was a design choice. I mean the package doesn't say with "lots" of peanuts, so I guess I can't complain. I suppose in theory they pulled off the competing textures. The bar has some nuts, so I’m sure legally they’re in the clear. While they are there, you can't really taste them that well. The lack of peanuts is so pervasive that in one bite I didn't even get one peanut. The nuts are there though, and the integrity of the Nestlé Crunch bar is still alive and well.

I guess if you like the Nestlé Crunch bar, you'll enjoy this treat, but don't expect much in the peanut department.