Nestlé Crunch "Mocha"


When I bought it bar, I said to myself, “hey a Nestlé Crunch mocha, that's a good idea.” Mocha is a way to deliver a smooth chocolaty flavor but make it to adult tastes. So why not take this adult candy bar concept and create a Mocha Nestlé Crunch? This could be a great idea. After all, more and more adults are eating candy now these days. If you take a bar like the Nestlé Crunch that (for some reason) is nostalgic for many adults, and give it an adult flavour, it surely can’t go wrong.

The problem with this bar hits you on the first bite, and never really lets you go afterwards. This Nestlé Crunch Mocha tastes nothing like mocha, it has more of a yuck I want to spit it out taste. This was easily one of the most repulsive bars I have ever had to eat. It tastes more like an ashtray than any kind of mocha chocolate, and the flavor would not get out of my mouth. One could argue that an ashtray is also an adult flavour, but I don’t think it works for a candy bar flavour.

I couldn't even finish this bar, in fact between two people we couldn't handle half of it. I guess the texture was fine with the rice crisps mixed into the chocolate, but the taste, dear god it was horrible.