Nestlé Crunch "Dark"


Somebody has got to explain why so many people love Nestlé Crunch chocolate. I can understand how people might like texture of the crisps along with the chocolate, but the quality of the chocolate is just not that great. This Nestlé Crunch Dark is a prime example of why chocolate bar companies should re-think the whole chocolate formula for so many American treats. The reason I bring it up with this particular treat is I really seemed to notice the waxiness of the chocolate with the dark chocolate variety; it stood out like a sore thumb and really ruined this bar. I think maybe the sweetness of the milk chocolate often covers up cheap chocolate with the regular Nestlé Crunch bar, but dark chocolate seems to be a little more unforgiving.

While I’m not a huge fan of the quality of the chocolate used in this bar, I do like the fact that this bar has crisps in it; I just really can't get over the quality chocolate. The poor quality of the chocolate really affects so much of this bar. It’s not just in the texture either. The taste becomes waxy as well, and the true flavour of the cocoa is tampered down. The idea of dark chocolate with rice crisps should be a simple treat to achieve, but for some reason Nestlé just can’t get the chocolate right. It ruins what should be a perfectly good bar.

Just once I'd like to try a Nestlé Crunch bar with high quality chocolate. It’s a dream, and someday I hope to live it.