Crispy Crunch


All you Americans and such probably think you have a great bar when it comes to a 'Butterfinger', but I have to say this bar is what you get if you improve the 'Butterfinger'. I'm not saying I don't like 'Butterfinger's but there is something about this bar that just refines the flavour. I’m sure there are many out there that would take these as fighting words, and I understand. People have attachments to candies that they ate as a child, and no matter how objectively better one candy is over another, your favourite is always better. That did make this review rather hard for me as the Crispy Crunch was actually my father’s favourite candy bar. I do have fond memories biting into these as a kid, but I still think objectively these are better than Butterfingers.

First of all the crunch is just great, it's not too flaky and doesn’t seem to splinter apart. It’s a solid crunch that’s very satisfying. Then there’s the flavour of the stuff in the center which seems to be a little nuttier. The chocolate is about the same as the Butterfinger but there may be a little more chocolate on this bar. When I compare the two bars, I just find that the Crispy Crunch has a bit more of a peanut brittle flavour, heavy on the peanuts. I think this peanut flavour cuts the sweetness of the brittle and balances really well with the chocolate coating.

If you like the 'Butterfinger', you'll absolutely love this treat.