Wanage Chocolate


I was so hoping that the candy in this package was as original as the package itself. Maybe the package isn't that different when you think about the way pharmaceuticals are packaged, but you really don't see too many candies delivered in blister packaging too often. More to the point, you never see candies delivered in a donut shaped blister package. So, I was hopeful that this candy would be something interesting, something I'd never tried before.

Unfortunately, these are just Smarties, for you Americans out there I'm talking about the British/Canadian version of Smarties and not those crunchy disks you call Rockets. Some might say these are like M&Ms, but those people have likely never tried Smarties (or these) before. The candy shell on these (as well as Smarties) is a little thinner than M&Ms, and there's just something different about the flavour of the chocolate. So, I wasn't disappointed with the candy itself, it tasted fine. I was just disappointed because it wasn't as clever as the package.

I always have a hard time with candies that have really interesting packaging when the candy itself is a little dull. Should I give it high marks for novelty because the package is really cool? I guess the way a candy is delivered is important, but once I popped these out of the blister pack all I had was a handful of Smarties. Maybe if you popped them right into your mouth straight out of the blister pack that would be "fun"?