Collon "Chocolate"


Another addition from the overseas candy collection, this one from Japan. I have to be honest, the first time I saw this package, the thing that caught my eye was the same “Collon”. Now I know that’s not how you spell colon, but it’s pretty close (it might also be how you pronounce this name too). It’s a little strange to find a candy that has a name like this, that’s basically just a tube of chocolate. I don’t want to get too graphic about this, but it does paint a rather dark picture.

These chocolate filled cookie tube aren’t that great for the most part. The chocolate is so synthetic that it really tastes off. What should be the highlight of this treat falls pretty flat and lets the rest of the treat down. The cookie exterior is pretty good as it’s nice and crunch with a fairly good flavour. Unfortunately, it’s only let down by the low-quality filling.

I think with better chocolate filling this cookie snack would get a great rating. The people that make Combos should look at this and get some ideas too. I could see a market for more tube filled sweet cookie treats.