Collon "Green Tea"


The green tea fad is starting to become so common for me, and I'm thinking about complaining about it soon. Sure, for those people with a fairly modest North American palette, it may still be something new, but I have to say I've seen way too much of it lately. Most disappointing of all for me is the fact that this flavour doesn't work for me. Sure, at first the novelty was interesting, and that's why I probably didn't mind it too much. I guess I'm just looking for the next original trend, and hopping it goes beyond green tea everything.

The rant above, I must confess is born of this very treat I'm reviewing here. It's based off a fairly decent treat that uses the classic chocolate and cookie combination, but with a fun twist (making it round). Here however they've eliminated the chocolate and gone with green tea. Now normally I wouldn't object to green tea and cookies, frankly I could go for that right now. The problem here is the third addition of cream.

I guess in an attempt to follow the basic idea of the old version of this snack, Glico decided to add cream into the green tea and cookie mix. Now here's the problem, there are reasons you (and I say this in the traditional setting because maybe you do) don't put milk in your green tea. The main reason that I've learned eating this treat, is that it tastes horrible.