Collon "Cream Flavour"


This candy highlights one of the biggest problems with a cream flavoured candy. The problem with cream flavoured candies is that cream really doesn’t have a flavour, it’s just creamy. I guess you could call cream a flavour enhancer, because it’s a flavour that works to improve other flavours. Cream flavour just doesn’t have what it takes to stand up on its own. You need some chocolate, vanilla or some kind of fruit to make any cream flavour work. When you just have a cream flavour on its own it just tastes sweet and heavy.

These Collon cookies are the perfect example of just that problem. While the cookie tube does have a slight vanilla flavour, it’s totally watered down by the cream flavoured filling in the centre. The cream is not being used to enhance this flavour; it’s being used to overpower the subtle vanilla flavour. What you get with these cream flavoured Collon is just an overly sweet cookie. A few of the Collon had broken apart and I was able to taste the cookie alone, and they were pretty good, but as soon as they were mixed with the cream, they just became bland and sweet.

All is not lost with this cookie treat though. The texture of both the cookie tube and the cream filling was great. The cookie was nice and crunchy, and the cream was soft and obviously creamy. Together they blended into a really nice texture combination. It’s just such a shame that the flavour was so weak. I think the only way to improve these would be to add a third flavour to the mix. My suggestion would be to add some fruit or chocolate to the cream in the centre, turn them into some kind of cream pie/cheesecake themed treat.