Heart Chocolate

Life Sciences Corporation

I'm not one to really fall for a scam... no wait; I am exactly the kind of guy that falls for scams. This is an invite to all of you fine folks out in internet land to e-mail me your crazy idea and chances are I'll go for it. Unfortunately for you I have Allison around and she pretty much falls for no scams at all. Why do I say all of this? Well I was walking through a trade show without Allison when these people at a booth asked me to come over and check out their new chocolate bar (they didn't know I was the Candy Critic). They figured I'd go for their pitch about a great tasting chocolate bar that will actually lower your heart rate and blood pressure (they also didn't know that I suffer from a low blood pressure problem, true story).

They sold me two of them for a buck and I figured I got a deal. I didn't figure that celery also has similar features and it tastes a little better than this bar. Apparently, they sell these bars for 3 or 4 dollars each normally, and to those tempted by this bar, thinking you might get a yummy treat that's good for you, I recommend you read about the celery above. This bar basically tastes like bitter wax, and I really searched for any kind of chocolate flavour.

It says that it contains something called CMX, I don't know what that is or what it does, I am though fairly certain that it has the ability to take away any kind of chocolate flavour from a treat. I didn't think this treat was going to be good, but the Life Sciences Corporation sales people had their way with gullible me, and now you see what they made me do.