The New England Cofectionery Co.

The idea of a chocolate covered peanut butter crunch bar is not a new one. The world is full of crunchy peanut butter flavoured bars, so the competition is pretty heavy. You have to be something different, or a lot better than average to get into this ring. Bars like the Butterfinger and the Crispy Crunch are your competition, and all of these bars have been around for a very long time.

The Clark bar isn’t bad, but there is a complete lack of peanut flavor. The chocolate is fine, and the crunchy texture is also fine. The problem is that you really need something to balance out the sweetness of the crunchy toffy center and the sweet chocolate. Without something like a strong peanut flavour, it just gets sickly sweet.

There’s a lot of competition in the crunchy, peanut butter flavoured chocolate world. I can’t say that Clark is on the top of this list. I would get it again but if given the option I’d go for one of those other bars first.