Bake Yaki Choco


This treat is much better than I expected. I was expecting an over baked chocolate cookie, hard and square, and maybe not very chocolaty. The package even shows a cube of chocolate breaking in two, and it looks like hard shards of the cookie are shooting away. This is really case of the package selling a different treat, but it's wrong in such great ways.

The name "yaki" apparently implies that it's fried, that's a mystery to me. This doesn't taste fried at all, but the word "bake" seems dead on. The good news is that it's not over baked at all. Instead it's soft and chewy but with a hard, crunchy shell. I'm not really sure how they do this, since it sits on the shelf for a while. I imagine that the texture is achieved with chemicals. Fortunately, it doesn't taste like it's full of chemicals. What it tastes like is chocolate, deep, dark and rich chocolate.

I don't know if I've ever had an Asian chocolate treat that wasn't a chocolate bar, that tasted so deeply of chocolate. In fact, I've had a few Asian chocolate bars that aren't as rich as these baked goods. They're almost rich to a fault, after eating the package of these I was seriously full and my tummy even ached a little, in a good way. The other fault I had, which was minor, was the fact that a few of my squares where smashed to bits. I think they did an OK job with the package design to keep them whole, but they're so fragile that I don't think anything short of wrapping them each up individually in bubble wrap could save them.

These are some pretty serious chocolate squares. Unnatural for sure, but pretty darn tasty.