Koume Umeboshi Gummy


Just when you thought you've tasted every single possible fruit flavoured gummy, along comes Koume Umeboshi. The Google translation of this treat is simply "plum plum", but let me assure you that it's a lot more than just a plum gummy. If you've never tried a pickled plum before in your life, it can best be described as sour, bitter, and sometimes even a little salty. There is absolutely no sweet to be found in a salted plum, and there is no sweet to be fount in this bag of Koume Umeboshi (pickled plum) Gummies either.

When I tried pickled plums in the past, I wasn't a big fan; I can tell you that these are a bit better. I can't really decide if I like these gummied versions or not, but I'm positive that it was a very interesting eating experience. The flavour comes at you with an intense sour/bitter that doesn't disappear at all. Often, I'm used to gummy candies starting sour, and then giving way to a soothing sweet, but not in this case. Even after having eaten one of these gummies more than 5 minutes ago, my mouth is still feel the effects of this extreme bitter/sour flavour.

Texture wise these gummies are super soft and chewy, much like a pickled plum. They also have a similar shape to a salted plum, just a basic purple lump. While I'm going to have a really hard time getting through this whole bag, I can't really say that I hate them. They're very unique, they don't hold back, and I'm looking forward to sharing these with my friends.