Charleston Chew "Strawberry"


I've seen these things a hundred times at my local candy store and I've never really thought about getting one. That was until I got an e-mail from a reader singing the praises of the Strawberry Charleston Chew. This puzzled me because I'd only really seen the vanilla and chocolate flavours before, but never strawberry. Then all of a sudden, the strawberry version started to pop up everywhere, so I conceded and got one.

Was I dancin' the Charleston after just one bite? To be honest not really, it was a lot better than I thought it would be but it wasn't a gift from the heavens or anything. The taffy is average in flavour. It’s not as if there’s any kind of amazing breakthrough in strawberry flavouring happing in this bar. The texture is actually really soft, but still fairly satisfying to bite into. The chocolate coating is a nice touch and adds just a little bit of contrast to the bar, but it could use a little bit of work.

The problem is that his bar just didn't wow me, it is fine, just not a wow.