Charleston Chew "Vanilla"


The first time I reviewed a Charleston Chew was a long time ago, and after re-reading the review, I can understand why. It was fairly lack lustre, I wasn't that impressed with the flavour and the texture was average. I couldn't understand why this bar had been around for so long. This is probably why it's taken me 10 years to review one of the other flavours. Actually, the reason I'm reviewing this is because someone gifted this to me, and where I am right now, Charleston Chews are hard to come by.

I like this flavour of Charleston Chew more than I seem to have liked the strawberry one. Let me clear one thing up, in the past I reviewed a Charleston Chew strawberry flavour bar. So, I'm not re-reviewing anything, I don't really do that. The flavour isn't the only difference with this review. Back when I wrote that first review, I didn't really know that much about the Charleston Chew. Most importantly I didn't know how much better they are when they're frozen. Even though both bars have "Try Frozen" on the package, I thought it was some kind of silly gimmick. Later in my candy eating life, I learned that frozen Charleston Chews are better, much better in fact.

This takes me back to this review, I decided for this review I would take the advice of the package and freeze my Charleston Chew. The texture was really great frozen. Since the normal Charleston Chew is really, really soft, frozen it stiffens up, but not so hard that you're going to break your jaw. The frozen texture is actually pretty close to perfect for taffy. The flavour of this bar, vanilla, wasn't that bad either. I think the strength of the flavour may have diminished slightly at first because it was frozen, but after a few bites it warms up and the vanilla flavour slowly creeps into your taste buds. The vanilla flavour is also pretty good. It's much better than the fake strawberry of the other Charleston Chew, but that's not surprising as strawberry is a much harder flavour to pull off, particularly in taffy.

Judging by my last review of the Charleston Chew, I'll say that this one is much better. It's still not my favourite bar in the world, but I can now understand why it's been around so long. The chocolate coating is the only thing that could still use some work.