Candy Cane Crunch Bark


White chocolate, it's always been a bit of a mystery to me. Chocolate isn't white, if you roast a bean and mix it into just about anything it comes out brown, or sometimes even closer to a black. So what in the world is white chocolate? I'm not a big fan of white chocolate, the taste just doesn't work for me. Most of the time when I'm eating white chocolate, I wonder why I didn't go for the milk chocolate version of what ever I'm eating. This treat however may answer a few of my questions.

I think white chocolate is all about the look and not the flavour. This bar looks pretty cool, nice little swirls, that kind of look like candy cane swirls. It's pleasing to the eye. Dark or milk chocolate wouldn't have cut it visually. You'd probably lose the colour and it would just look like regular chocolate but smell kind of minty. This is about all the praise I have for white chocolate right now.

Flavour wise this treat is ok. Fortunately, the mint of the candy cane bits or flavour added to the milk chocolate (I'm not sure which) takes over the weak white chocolate flavour. I'm a fan of candy canes, strangely only around this time of year. After Christmas I don't even want to see them, but right now I could eat a hundred of them. So, this treat fills that gap with a little variety as well as improves the slightly bland white chocolate.