Jaffas Original


Orange chocolate, what is the obsession with orange chocolate? I mean its okay, but really is it so great that everything in the chocolate world would be better with a bit of orange? I find this combination to be strange because of how the two flavours work together. No one would ever eat a wedge of orange covered in chocolate, or at least I’ve never seen this available anywhere. Yet the extracted oil from an orange is very common mixed into chocolate. I think it’s the only fruit to have such a relationship with chocolate.

I guess these Jaffas aren't that bad. The way that these present the orange and chocolate mixed is at least it's an original idea (at least to my knowledge). It’s not just another popular chocolate bar with an added orange flavour. Instead it’s a bunch of candy coated round balls with orange chocolate inside them. It’s like taking the concept of the M&M and adding a unique twist. That is assuming that adding orange to chocolate is something you like.

The unfortunate thing has to be the quality of the orange flavour. The chocolate is very high quality and very smooth but the orange is a little bit too synthetic. What I want to know is why you would add a fake fruit flavour, with a high quality chocolate flavour. I think to make this combination really work, you have to use both high quality chocolate, and a fine orange extract.