Cacao Reserve "Extra Dark 65% Cacao"


For years and years, I've been complaining about how North American chocolate really doesn't hold up to most of the chocolate of Europe, much of the south African chocolate, Australian chocolate, well let's just say many places have better quality chocolate in their average chocolate bars than North America. I even believe that Canadian chocolate is slightly better than the stuff in the US. You're more than welcome to argue with me on the forum or by sending me a note but this is what I've found for the most part (there are a few exceptions of not so high-quality European stuff).

Well it would appear that Hershey may have been listening, and they've produced a line of chocolates known as Cacao Reserve. Now I haven't done too much research into these but I get the idea that they're totting it as high-quality chocolate for the common folk. You know what, it's not that bad, smoother than most bars you'd find in the US, and easily up to the standards of something you might find in Europe. Good job Hershey! It's about time they made a bar that allowed chocolate lovers to enjoy something a little better than they're used to.

I will have to be honest though, it's not the best chocolate bar I've ever eaten, or even the best chocolate in general. It's a lot better than most bars and it's in the higher bracket of chocolate bars and that's saying a lot. Now because I like complaining about this kind of thing, I'll end on this. Why in the world isn't Hershey's making regular treats with chocolate this good? Why not make your regular Hershey products using this quality of chocolate, I will personally stand up and exclaim my joy if you do.