Lunar Bubble Dust Bubble Gum

Cap Candy

Man, this brings back memories. It's not that I've ever tried this particular treat before in my life, it's just it reminds me of the first review I ever did on Candy Critic, Sand Hill Bubble Gum. Similar to Sand Hill Bubble Gum, when you first get a mouthful of this fine treat, it feels like you took a big bite out of a sand box. Sadly, I know this feeling from experience, a childhood memory that will never go away no matter how hard I try.

The good news is with a bit of perseverance it does eventually turn into a bubble gum treat fit for a king. Well at least a king with a low attention span, because the flavour starts to fade in about 3 minutes. The flavour itself is really just regular gum flavour and the colour is pink. I would have been more impressed if the gum was grey, or at least the powder could be grey, that would be more like eating lunar dust. Maybe it wouldn't be too appetizing, but for anybody to chew this stuff long enough to have it turn into gum, you have to get through the grit anyways and that's pretty unappetising as it is.

My final wish comes from what I expected from reading the package. "It's powder. Poof! It's gum!" I had no "poof" and would have appreciated a little. It could have been a sour burst, or some kind of colour change. There just wasn’t a poof at all, it was more of a gritty grind that eventually turned into some chewy gum.

Chew Time: 4.5min