Tryffeli Pussi


I’m going to completely ignore the idea that the name of this candy might get this review banned from any family-oriented sites. I’ll ignore this fact because you don’t have to think about the name at all when you eat it. In fact, I had to read the bag that these came in to figure out the name. The first reason you might forget the name is the fact that the name isn’t to be found anywhere on the wrapper, only on the bag that they came in. The second, and more important reason is that these are really good, and you’ll forget just about everything once you put one of these Tryffeli Pussi in your mouth.

I should mention that I picked these out after sampling many of the other treats made by Brunberg at their flagship location in Finland. Normally when I visit flagship candy stores or factories, I pick the treat that I find to be the most unique or fascinating to review. Fortunately, at factories they often have samples that you can try before you buy, so I can actually make an educated choice, unlike regular stores where I make most of my decision based on the package. So normally I go for somethings that’s unique and a might be interesting to write about, this time however I picked the one that I wanted to eat again. These little chocolate logs are so soft and light that they melt a little while you’re trying to unwrap them. Then in your mouth they instantly explode into a chocolate burst that reminds me a lot of a nice cup of hot chocolate. Your head is instantly full of chocolate goodness.

There are two downsides to this candy. First of all, they’re not super unique, they’re tasty chocolate logs, but still just chocolate logs. Secondly, and this applied to my situation, they melt really easily. This means that they’re not really that portable, which can be a problem if you’re on a road trip or something. This also means that when you buy them, you have to eat them all immediately, which can be seen as a good or a bad thing, depending on how much you want to eat them immediately.