Boss Double "Caramel"


The concept for an average Boss ice cream is really simple. Take ice cream, dip it in chocolate, consume. The advantage of Boss is the quality of the ingredients are generally very high. When you bite into a Boss ice cream bar the chocolate breaks, but in a pleasing way, and the ice cream is solid, but melts just right. So the question is, "what happens when you try and spruce up a simply good ice cream treat"?

What happens depends on how they try to spruce it up. In the case of the Boss Double Caramel the combination of ingredients is spot on. You could not pick a better way to improve a simple, good ice cream treat. It's a bit of an overload sure, but it's such a tasty, decadent overload.

The word "double" appears to be used because of the two layers of chocolate that are covering this treat. It's not a double thick layer of chocolate; it's two distinct layers. Between these two layers is an equally thick and tasty layer of caramel. Eventually you do get to the ice cream, but the bite through is pure decadence. I think this treat works because you could notionally eliminate any of the layers and it would be ok. The quality of each layer is great, the ratio is nice, and the fact that they are all in one treat just really works well.