Lemon Sour Things


Sour, SOUR, these things are viscous, evil sour, oh god the pain... There seems to be a competition in the candy world to make the sourest candy. I’m not sure why this competition exists, but every candy company seems to want to find a way to blow our socks off with sour. The reason I don’t get it is that if you go too far with a sour candy, the feeling of any kind of pleasure is lost. I guess the idea is to go with a gimmick and hope that enough people get into the gimmick that they might actually sell enough candy. As an adult I don’t general eat a really sour candy more than once, and the only reason I might get it again is to fool/give my friends a chance to experience it.

With this candy, after you get through the insane sour, you get to enjoy a lovely little chewy lemon drop. The lemon isn’t as sour as the outside coating, but the flavour still works really well with it. This is a plus when it comes to insanely sour candies, I like it when the flavour actually works with sourness. Lemon (or lime I guess) is probably the only flavour that lends itself to such an extreme sour as well. So that at least lowers the gimmick score on this and actually gives this candy a little bit of credit.

Judging by the package these things are even too sour for Satan himself, and it could be true since my tongue hurts. If you like lemons and extreme sour you will love these.