You don't often get a candy that visually looks so much like the flavour it's trying to represent, but this bag of apricots is visually pretty close. Visually the first things they got right was the size, pretty much exactly the same as some of the smaller apricots I’ve seen. The colour is also pretty good, soft orange with a blush of red. The texture of the outside is even pretty close to real apricots, at least visually; somehow, they got them to look just a little bit fuzzy.

After you get past how much these look like apricots, all similarities to the fruit end. Texture wise these "mallow" candies are really hard on the outside. The centre is a little soft, but that fuzzy soft looking exterior is a challenge to bite through. The mallow centre is soft and so is an apricot, but it’s also spongy like a marshmallow. As for the apricot flavour, it's pretty weak. It's both weak because it's not a strong flavour, and because it really doesn't taste like a real apricot. It needs something a little tart, to balance off the overly sweet perfume flavour.

These apricot candies aren't bad, but don't let the look of them fool you. If you are looking for a great apricot treat that’s easy to carry around, there's still nothing better than the real thing, dried or fresh.