Although not very common today, strawberries and chocolate are not a new combination at all. In fact, one of my all-time favourite candy memories as a child was chewing on Bubblicious strawberry and chocolate bubble gum while ridding my bike on a hot summer’s day. I couldn't get enough of the stuff back then. Now that I've grown up, I've also developed a love for real strawberries dipped or coated in a nice high-quality chocolate. The difference between these two loves is the quality of the strawberry flavour and the quality of the chocolate. This treat should tell me if I still have that love for fake strawberries in average chocolate.

After my first bite I can say that it still works for me, although the strawberry in this treat is a little more powerful if you compare it to a real strawberry covered in chocolate. You also don't get that texture mash up of the chocolate melting in with the strawberry juice. With the real strawberry and chocolate, it's a mixture of two flavours, with this treat it's more like one single flavour.

Having said that this flavour is not bad at all, sure it doesn't taste like real strawberries but there's something a little creamier about it, and that gives it its own unique flavour. Best of all you never have to worry about biting into one of these and getting either a really sour or a rotten strawberry, so the Apollo gets some points on consistency.