Andes "Crème De Menthe Thins"


Chocolate and mint, it’s one of my favourite combinations. I have recently in my life however found many people that hate mint. I know it’s shocking and all, but there are people that just don’t like that cool feeling that takes over your mouth when you’re munching on a minty treat. There are people that would see the addition of mint to chocolate and a waste of perfectly good chocolate.

Those people (you if you happen to be one) would absolutely hate these little squares of joy. Me on the other hand, since I love mint and chocolate, I absolutely love them. I can’t explain the appeal of mint and chocolate, it could be similar to the joy of sweet and savoury. It could also be the fact that everything with chocolate is better. Since I kind of like mint, particularly in tea, adding chocolate to mix only makes it better. Either way these particular squares are the perfect blend of mint and chocolate.

The chocolate is a nice quality and it appears to be at least twice as much chocolate as mint so the ratio is just perfect. Each square melts in your mouth releasing a nice chocolate flavour with a good mix of mint in your mouth. For some reason it doesn’t really freshen my breath, but while I’m munching them down it’s nice and cool.