Amarula "Marula Fruit and Cream Chocolates"

Kees Beyers Chocolate

I have to be honest, I can't really remember if I've ever tasted Amarula the alcoholic drink before. I don't really drink now, and when I did, I wasn't really a big fan of creamy drinks, so there's a good chance I've never tasted the Amarula drink. So, I most certainly can't compare this chocolate to its alcoholic drink counterpart. What I can tell you is that these chocolates don't taste like an alcoholic drink at all; with "less than 2% alcohol" it's not surprising either.

Although these chocolates are connected with the drink Amarula, there's a certain overtone that these chocolates are made with the Marula fruit instead. I'm not familiar with a Marula fruit, but I imagine that it's a key ingredient in the Amarula drink. With the flavour of these chocolate, they seem to try to say that they're made with the same fruit, but not totally related to the drink. It's as if they're trying very hard to make the separation. As I said before, these really don't taste like an alcoholic drink either, so I think they achieve this separation very well.

Having never tried a Marula fruit on its own, I can't really say how well they work with chocolate, but I can say that these chocolates are pretty tasty. The package shows a chocolate absolutely full of this Marula and cream filling, however the chocolates themselves aren't really that full. I think this might be a good thing, because the cream seems a little sweet, and keeping the sweet cream low avoids the problems of super sweet chocolate. I'd be interested in trying these with a dark chocolate, instead of a milk chocolate, because of this overly sweet cream. However, the sweet isn't too overwhelming, so it works fairly well.

I am a little disappointed in the shape of these chocolates. They're shaped like little fruits (I can only assume Marula), but the size is very deceptive as the bottom is concave. I don't mind having a small chocolate, I understand that balance is important; I just feel that the concave shape at the bottom makes them look cheap.

I think this chocolate would have been better if the shape was whole, and the chocolate was dark. You might have to adjust the amount of cream with a dark chocolate, but it could have worked really well.