Alfie "Chocolate Flavour Confectionery"


You might say that this review is not a fair review. The reason you might say this is because this chocolate bar had obviously been melted and re-solidified. This was not my fault, since I've had this bar, it's been kept in a cool environment with virtually no temperature change. I would assume that this is the fault of the distributors and possible the store where I bought it. While we can blame these people, I think we should also put a bit of the blame on Glico, the people who manufactured this bar as well. I feel like this bar is not well designed for its environment. I can tell you that this bar's target is South East Asia, as it appears to have been manufactured in Thailand.

The first problem with this bar being sold in warm environments is the fact that it's very thin. The thinner your chocolate, the more likely it's going to melt. Judging by the package, both the shape and the pictures on it, this looks like it was once a row of thin chocolate squares. The second problem with this bar is the fact that it's not really chocolate, or at least I'm pretty sure there's a great deal of other ingredients in this bar other than chocolate. The taste and texture are the first clue, the second clue is the fact that this is marketed as a “chocolate flavour confectionery”. This seems like language that would imply that this bar may not have that much real cocoa or cocoa fats. These chocolate-like bars are often prone to melt much easier than real chocolate, depending on what they use as filler.

I think this bar could work, but the key would be a change of environment and the use of a nice milk chocolate. There are tiny crunchy cookie bits throughout this bar that worked very nicely. I also think that the thin design makes it a unique bar. I just don't know how well it works in tropical climates, and I think people deserve a better quality of chocolate.