Pocky "Almond Taste"


This is an idea that I'm surprised more candy companies don't try, almond flavoured candies. There are about a million chocolate treats with almond in them, but other than a block of marzipan, there aren't that many almond flavoured treats (I know that marzipan is made of almond, it just doesn’t look like it anymore). More so, there aren't any candy companies that have made a purely almond flavoured version of a classic treat. The best thing about the way that Glico did this is they didn't just stop with an almond flavoured chocolate. They also added pieces of almond to the chocolate that they used to coat the cylindrical cookie.

Flavour wise it's interesting to have a Pocky that doesn't have a real chocolate or fruit flavour. This seems to be a trend with Pocky, and it's working. It's nice to have a different flavour that you know works well in the context of the snack, but is also kind of unique. Texture wise, it's similar to regular Pocky, only I was a little disappointed. I was hoping that the almond pieces on the outside might add something extra, but they are so small that once you bit into the cracker, they didn't really add anything at all.

I don't think that this is a revolutionary Pocky flavour by any means. I would describe these as pleasant, and fairly original. The almond flavour might not be common delivered in this way, but it is still a fairly safe flavour. Glico took a safe flavour and made it work well in a unique way.