Party Mix


I’m guessing that the word “party” in the name of this candy mix is to suggest that one might serve these at a party. The idea being that if you had a mix of candies, everyone at the party would have choices. While I like this idea, I think in reality you’d end up with several gummies disappearing quickly, and others being left behind entirely (I’m looking at you marshmallow banana). In a party situation having great and not so great treats on offer isn’t ideal, but as the Candy Critic it’s pretty good. It’s nice to have a wide range of treats to try, particularly if you’re not familiar with all the candies on offer.

In order to review these fairly, I’m going to review each treat individually with a quick one sentence review, then I’ll talk about how these rated as a group. I might not have the name of each treat right, but I’ll do my best. I’m guessing that if you put a bowl of these out at your party, this is the order that they’d disappear, with the last few possibly making it to the end of the party untouched.

Purple Man - A wonderful black currant flavoured gummy, it’s an uncommon flavour for gummies but shouldn’t be.

Orange Man - Simple basic orange gummy, pleasant enough and tasty.

Orange Snake - Same flavour as the orange man, just a lot bigger, almost too big in comparison with the other treats in this mix.

Red Frogs - Fairly basic gummy with a fruit flavour that I couldn’t define as any particular fruit.

Red Man - I think he’s made of exactly the same stuff as the red frog.

Creamy Strawberry - More of a marshmallow flavour then a cream flavour, I would have preferred just strawberry.

Milk Bottle - Creamy sure, but kind of bland too.

Marshmallow Banana - It’s the one candy that’s kind of out of place in this bunch, not a fan of either banana or marshmallow, but I won’t spit it out either.

Green Man - I think it’s supposed to be lime flavoured, but it tastes more like floor cleaner, yuck.

Black Cat - Licorice, just as I feared, and strong enough to make me say yuck (your opinion may differ if you like black licorice).

All together these really taste weird. The soapy green man and the black licorice dominate, with other fruit flavours just blurring together. When you do bite into the banana it feels out of place with the rest of the gummies.